Your Guide to Perfect Integration

Have you just relocated? Are you contemplating relocation? Do you feel overwhelmed by the new cultural challenge after your recent move? Have you just returned to your home country only to find out it doesn’t feel like home anymore? Is your family stressed out by your recent relocation? Are you worried that acclimatization or integration into your international community is taking too long? Or Have the thrills of your recent move abroad given way to desolation? If yes, then here’s my gift to you: Your Guide to Perfect Integration (free ebook) – aims to serve as a jolter to what awaits you as an expatriate, after all, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.
Expatriates are often international entrepreneurs, diplomats or military personnel with enticing financial conditions, who are often called upon to migrate. There is another category of expatriates: the “self-imposed expatriates”- those who decide to migrate on their own volition.
Because they (Expatriates and Repatriates) and their families find themselves in a peculiar way of life and are faced with a unique set of challenges due to their frequent international relocations, they need a particular mind-set and attitude to successfully engage in the adventure.
The incentives and favourable general conditions of expatriates usually overshadow the other side of the coin but finance, job availability and destination shouldn’t be the sole criteria; perseverance, strong personality and determination are important qualities for expatriates because as most expatriates (veterans or first time) discover, the experience is not all rosy and the traditional support system of family and friends is absent.
For whatever reasons you decide to expatriate, in order for it to set off on the right foot, aspects such as self and family integration, adaptation, culture shock as well as containing one’s prejudice need to be tackled. The frequency and scope of expats’ move require them and (most especially their spouses and kids) to acclimatise easily and quickly to their new environment. Easier said than done right?
Well that’s the purpose of my Life coaching services – to help you and your family immerse totally into your new local environment and culture and guard against an eventual disillusion in your private or professional lives.
An Expatriation & Global Executive Coach is an expert specialised in helping global mobility agents and their families deal with the challenges that emanate from crossing cultures, due to relocation. I provide clients with the necessary support in adapting to new cultures, identity issues created in relocating families, difficulties pertaining to professional goals. I work with the different members of the family (Expat, Spouse and Children) in order to equip them with the resources needed to immerse into their new environment. And in the spirit of all coaching being life coaching, I help my clients in both their private and professional spheres.
Expatriates and their organisations have come to realise that inadequate preparation (pre-departure and post arrival) of staff and/or their family members has led to many premature termination of assignments, because they are unable to integrate into their new local environment.
Expectations run high during expatriation and the least obstacles or difficulty encountered is often seen as a fiasco. Different people embark on expatriation with different intentions or objectives, it is imperative to have the necessary succour and preparation.