Your “Secrets to Easy Expatriation” is a 3 months package that gets you out of your comfort zone and prepare you for your journey in your host country and:

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Help you to anticipate your expatriation with ease
Help you appreciate and live in harmony with your choice
Help you settle down and integrate successfully in your new environment
Aide your immersion and stay
Live a happy expatriation and an enriched cross-cultural experience
Get you comfortable with feeling out of place in your new place of abode because you’re new to a foreign land and culture.

[legend title=”What you’ll get” style=”1″]⇒  1-on-1 or group coaching / private sessions with me
⇒  Welcome package documents
⇒  3 scheduled 50 minutes sessions per month
⇒  Half-day (3.5hrs) physical 1-on-1 support from me
⇒  Email support: 1 in-between session email per month to tackle any issues you may need support with before the next session.
⇒  1 x 30 minutes telephone call per month to walk you through difficulties you may face before the next coaching session.

30 minutes session
Session Recap: a documented recap of each session.[/notice]