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Are you euphoric about your recent or imminent move?

Great! Moving to a new country is enchanting and fun. The financial rewards make expatriation even more exciting: Lump sum, Salary, Relocation & Repatriation grants, Education, Housing Allowance, Medical, Travel you name it; and the exposure to a multitude of cultures. But hey, it’s not all rosy!

 What next after the euphoria?

Reality sets in. Celebrating a posting is fine as soon as it is brief, and makes the way for lucidity about the upcoming adventure. To help with your pre-departure, arrival or repatriation, you’ll need a professional like me who’s been there too, for the right mindset for successful integration.  Whether you are going for a long or short period, just bear in mind that an expatriate is not a tourist. Some expatriates, especially first-timers, do not think about preparing their relocation. An unplanned expatriation could be disastrous.  My preparation method takes into consideration the composition of the family: single, married and/or with kids, and no member of the family is too little to be coached. Don’t make anyone feel like they’re just tagging along. It’ll backfire; as the hitch to integration could come from any member of the family.

Where to turn for help ?

I can help you. And because I’ve been there, I understand your fears, doubts, and anxiety; and believe that they should not cripple you, they’re surmountable. I lived happily in 6 countries on 3 continents with my 3 TCKs.  I chose to aid my community (expatriates) to combat failed expatriation and the frustrations that come with it.  Not sure which offer is right for you? No worries, my first session is free so grab your spot TODAY.

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                   What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.

Abraham Maslow

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