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Moving to a foreign country can be fun and exciting. But after that excitement a very overwhelming reality sets in.

An unplanned expatriation could turn into a nightmare for all involved: property removals, shipment, customs clearance and paperwork, late arrival of consignments, health, education, banking, feeding, weather, time zone etc. A lot of unforeseeable factors come into play during expatriation. So for an enriching and joyous expatriation to take place, expats need to go an extra mile to make it happen. You know exactly why you chose to expatriate and are looking forward to your stay in your host country BUT you’ve heard so many horrifying stories about failed expatriation that you’re afraid it will happen to you? Suddenly you doubt your choice.

Where to turn for help ?

Because I’ve been there, I understand your fears, doubts and anxiety. But should those fears and anticipation cripple you? No, they’re surmountable. I was in that same spot you’re today. I surpassed my anxiety of the unknown and enjoyed my various expatriation experiences and I undertook to share this joy by helping others integrate perfectly. Take a look on my offers today to schedule a free “DREAM EXPATRIATION LIFE” call.

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