Life Coaching is an investment you make to create the life you really want. To be able to achieve your goal in a reasonable time frame, we encourage a minimum of 3 months;

But our Expat Packages are tailored for those who are about to leave or contemplating expatriation. All our packages include a Welcome kit with materials designed to get you off to a solid start.

[info]I encourage group coaching. Not only is it fun as you can interact with people of like minds, it’s also more affordable.[/info]

Check the main packages:

[button style=”3″]Quick Start Pack[/button]  [button style=”3″]Easy Expat Pack[/button]  [button style=”3″]Dream Expat Pack[/button]

Or more targeted packages:

[button style=”2″]Executive Nomad Pack[/button]  [button style=”2″]Empty Nest Pack[/button]  [button style=”2″]TCK Kit[/button]

All packages are payable in full ahead of sessions and through PayPal. Don’t hesitate to ask more details, contact me!

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