Quick Start Pack

The Quick Start to Successful Expatriation is the basic 4 weeks formula designed to give you the vital preparation you need for successful expatriation:

  • To ease your expatriation stress,
  • Equip you with the vital knowledge you need to settle down successfully,
  • Help you get acquainted with the culture of your host Country,
  • Help ensure your proper immersion into your new home and community for an enriched experience,
  • Get you accustomed to feeling comfortable with living in a foreign land.

What you’ll get : 1-on-1 or group coaching / private sessions with me

  • Welcome package documents
  • 4 scheduled 50 minutes sessions per month.
  • Email support: 1 in-between session email per month to tackle any issues you may need support with before the next session.
  • 1 x 30 minutes telephone call per month to walk you through difficulties you may face before the next coaching session.


  • 30 minutes session
  • Session Recap (a documented recap of each session)