Meet the Coach

Who am I?

My name’s Winifred Gaillard. I’m trained and certified ACSTH Life Coach by the International Coach Federation as well as the New York Institute of Technology. I was an Accompanying spouse for over 18 years and a mother of 3 Third Culture Kids (expatriates’ kids).

My dad, a police officer, introduced me to the nomadic expatriates’ life and this prepared me for the intricacies of the adventure or so I thought. However, while on my first posting, reality hit me and I had my fair share of culture shock. My excitement gave way to desolation, and I realised that expatriation is more than just pack and go.

What I do:

I am a certified Life Coach for the expatriate family and I help my clients’ (the expat, spouse, and kids) to integrate into their new environments. As people reaction to change varies and so do their failure to adapt as well. Therefore family members collectively or individually should be supported as the need arises in order to aid their quick and successful integration. I also work with prospective expatriates.

Who are my clients?

Indeed, expatriation is an exhilarating experience: good wages, better working conditions etc. But it is not just about the good packages as an unprepared expatriation is very overwhelming. Expatriates (veterans or new-comers) sometimes have butterflies in their stomach during relocation. They’re caught between the euphoria of discovering new cultures and the fear of the unknown.

My years of practice has revealed a major challenge that expatriate families face. Remember the Accompanying spouses, (many of them were executives in their own domains) who wholeheartedly put their careers on hold to advance their spouses’; are confronted to a sudden “personality loss” as they become identified as “wife of” or “mother of”. Many of them find this designation demoralising as they are not prepared for it. Also, the transition to stay at home partner doesn’t come as easy as expected. And to make matters worse, there’s a feeling of abandonment; far from the traditional support network of friends and family. If left uncontrolled, it could lead to nervous breakdown, depressions, broken marriages or early termination of contracts due to poor acclimatization.

Want out of your comfort zone?

Do you find yourself in one or both scenarios? Do not worry. I have been there and I know the feeling; with your permission, I’ll help you through them like I’ve been doing with my clients for the past 7 years. Do not let doubt come between you and your choice. Let me take you from your comfort zone to your genius zone where you’ll be at your best self.

If you’re like me, you’ll want to make the best of your adventure. Contact me now to see how I can help you…

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