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Third Culture Kids aka TCKs Featured

This week I’m going to talk about Third Culture Kids popularly referred to as TCKs. These are kids of the diplomatic, international development, military or international industry personnel whose childhood are spent moving from one country to another and changing schools, friends and environment. A recent UN conference revealed some disturbing truths by researches conducted on third culture kids. Research shows that despite the excellent socio-economic background they enjoyed due to status of their parents and the good schools they attend, they are very good in languages, have a very high level of confidence but when…

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Things you should know as an “accompanying partner” Featured

In my last topic, I give you expert tips to help you understand the intricacies of Expatriation. Today, I’m going to talk about the “Trailing Spouse” or “Accompanying Partner” a common term in the diplomatic parlance for their spouses and the important role they play in expatriation.   Undeniably spouses are the backbone of the family but the trailing spouses assumes the traditional role of a stay-at-home-spouse and much more. The many faces of expatriation is oftentimes unknown to the general public, like most aspects of life, expatriation is double faced -attractive living conditions (good…

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Secrets no one told you about expatriation

Did you just relocate? Are you contemplating to relocate? Do you feel overwhelmed by the new cultural challenge after your recent move? Have you just returned to your home country only to find out it doesn’t feel like home anymore? Is your family stressed out by your recent relocation? Are you worried that acclimatization or integration into your international community is taking too long? Have the thrills of your recent move abroad given way to desolation? If you answered yes to any of these, welcome to the exhilarating, overwhelming, rewarding and challenging world of expatriation. Everything…

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